We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with Dezrez, a cloud-based, API-driven estate agency software, trusted by over 20,000 sales and lettings agents. Our Referencing integration within DezRez’ Rezi software will allow users to request our checks directly from the CRM dashboard.

How does the Dezrez and RentProfile integration work?

After opening RentProfile in Rezi, users are able to request our referencing by flipping a switch to request a check for each tenant. They can see live updates of the tenant's progress throughout. Status updates include: awaiting the renter’s signup, waiting on ID, earnings (and more), to completion. Once the report has been generated (an average of 2-3 hours from when the renter signs up) the agent can view the full report in Rezi. You can read more about the integration on Dezrez's website.

The speed at which the checks are completed, combined with being integrated into Rezi, means that admin can be streamlined, saving time for agents. Altogether this means agents can go back to what they do best; growing business and winning new landlords.

We offer an API to trusted organisations to create a more integrated, customised experience for letting agents. If you would like to see our products integrated into your chosen CRM, contact us at support@rentprofile.co.